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frosh HW sept

Page history last edited by Michelle Lampinen 8 years, 10 months ago
Date Assignment Due (to be done before class starts on date listed at left)
Tu 9/6 
  • Welcome to Biotech! Bring a pen, an open mind, and a smile! :)  
Th   9/8
  • nothing due- take some time to acclimate! 
  • Binder with tabs should be set up at this point 
  • Read chapters 1 and 2 of The Odyssey  
Tu   9/13


  • unit 1 vocab exercises 
  • Read chapters 3 and 4 of The Odyssey  
Th   9/15
  • Letter to self- upload to turnitin.com by 6am; bring hard copy as well (this will be one of the only assignments that requires a hard copy- I need it so I can give it back to you when you graduate! :)
  • Here is the link to the top ten ridiculous similes from last year. Hopefully we can have another ridiculous contest soon!  



  • vocab unit 1 quiz
  • Read chapter 5 of The Odyssey
  • Parts of speech quiz (I will give you five sentences. You will label the part of speech for each word in each sentence. The concepts will be extremely similar to the ones we've been going over all week.    
  • Finish The Odyssey 
Tu  9/20 
  • Read Raven & the Sources of Light (p. 517) and Sedna (p. 520) 
  • vocab unit 2 homework 
  • Read The Woman Who Fell from the Sky (p. 509) 
Th 9/22
  • nothing due...aren't you lucky!? 
F 9/23
M 9/26
  • Creation myth due (no later than 6am; turnitin.com only) (click here for assignment sheet)
  • Sentence parts quiz (I will give you five sentences. You will label the sentence parts for each sentence.) 
Tu 9/27
  • review mythology test study guide (you can find it below); ask questions about the test in class if you have any (questions, that is, not class...haha) 
W 9/28
Th 9/29
F 9/30
  • vocab unit 3 quiz 


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