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udemy expectations

Page history last edited by Michelle Lampinen 8 years, 10 months ago

The expectations for online discussions are as follows:


Students must….


  •  Post by the established deadlines
  •  Observe the rules of netiquette
    • Be respectful (you can disagree with other students, but do so in a respectful manner)
    • Use appropriate language
    • Avoid flaming/trolling
    • Treat others as you would like to be treated
    • Respect others’ time – post relevant comments
    • Include direct quotations from the works to support points


It would be cool if students could…


  • Give constructive feedback to Ms. Lampinen to help improve the process (tech, rubrics, deadlines, etc.)
  • Remember that this is a new teaching and learning method that is meant boe fun and help everyone learn. 
  • Be patient with tech issues.
  • Not freak out if something goes wrong. We're all in it together. 


Note: students should not overanalyze the grading procedure and try to score higher by posting more. A student can earn a high score by posting the minimum number of responses. It’s quality, not quantity. Don’t think that more = better (though you do need to develop your ideas)!



Discussions for each text are worth a 25-point writing completion grade. So, for your Life of Pi posts, you get 25 points for all of your udemy posts pertaining to that novel. 

As long as you are posting at least the required number of posts, posting on time, being respectful, being analytical, developing your own ideas, and helping clarify questions from classmates, you should receive the full 25 points. 

Our motto here is that no news is good news! If you don't hear from me, you can assume that you are getting full credit. I'll contact you on udemy, via an email, or in person (depending on the severity of the issue) if there is an issue with your posts. 

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