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im done list

Page history last edited by Michelle Lampinen 7 years, 11 months ago

The “I’m Done” List

Digital Literacy – Lampinen


Done with the DL assignment? Are you sure? Here is a handy list of how to fill your time when you feel that you have finished your project to your satisfaction.


First things first…


Check your work! Did you:

  • Save your file with the assigned filename?

  • Put your file in the comp apps drop box?

  • Save your file someplace else in case the drop box goes poof (pen drive, FirstClass, etc.)?

  • Ask Ms. Lampinen to confirm that your file actually appears in the drop box?


Now is when you can use the time a bit more freely…


Approved activities for when you’re done (all of these are to be completed independently and quietly, unless otherwise approved by Ms. Lampinen):

  • Catch up on FirstClass email

  • Complete a DL challenge project (ask Ms. Lampinen for one)

    • Challenge projects include:

      • Photoshop

      • GarageBand

      • Python programming (via Khan Academy)

      • Other - you are welcome to give suggestions! 

  • Work on homework for other classes (you may use the computer or sit at your regular desk)

  • Draw school-appropriate pictures (by hand or by computer)

  • Color in an optical illusion sheet (ask Ms. Lampinen for one)

  • Practice your typing (http://www.powertyping.com/qwerty/lessonsq.html)

  • Play school-appropriate computer games (get approval of the site)

  • Other (as approved)


Non-approved activities for when you’re done (deduction of points on the participation rubric; other consequences as necessary)

  • Bothering your neighbors

  • Spinning around on your chair

  • Chair surfing

  • Watching videos on youtube (or other video sites)

  • Playing with your phone

  • Other disruptive activity


Remember, if you wish to continue using the computer in your “I’m done” time, you must do so in an appropriate manner. Be respectful of the fact that your peers will still be working. Computer use is a privilege, not a right, and can thereby be revoked at any time and at the discretion of your teacher.

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