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Tasks to perform. All files you need can be found below these instructions.

  1. Take a look at the samples. 
  2. Download Photoshop cheat sheet and skim it. 
  3. Download flower picture. Use the magnetic lasso or magic wand to select the flower. Play around with the effects to change the yellow flower. Invert your selection and alter the green leaves. Save your file as flower_lastname.jpg and put it in the drop box (you will need to manually change the file extension to .jpg. Ask for help if you need it). 
  4. Download the image of Ms. Lamp holding an apple. Cut her out of the photo and put her in a different setting. Save your file as apple_lastname.jpg and put it in the drop box.
  5. Download the image of Ms. Lamp and the kangaroo. Get rid of those unsightly bags under her eyes! Save your file as roo_lastname.jpg and put it in the drop box.
  6. Download the image of Ms. Lamp with straight hair. Change her hair and eye color! Touch up her skin and whiten her teeth. Save your file as straighthair_lastname.jpg and put it in the drop box. 
  7. Post your best work on your blog or Ms. Lamp's class FB wall if you'd like. :) 

**If you are an advanced user, feel free to experiment and do other things in Photoshop. Share tips and tricks by commenting on this wiki page!

**Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, and this is a loving and caring learning community ((LC)^2). Please do not photoshop people without their permission, and there is absolutely no tolerance for disrespect and/or cyberbullying. You might think that photoshopping someone is funny, but often it's not. THINK BEFORE YOU SHOP.


Ms. Lamp's samples


Photoshop cheat sheet


flower to alter


put Ms. Lamp in another place!


make Ms. Lamp look younger! 


change Ms. Lamp's hair and eye color! 


Quick tips (video tutoria) - for more advanced users

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