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Welcome, parents! 


Click here for the presentation from tonight's conversation.


Complete the following exercises to start learning about your student's digital footprint.


  1. Go to google.com and search for your student. Try different variations of his/her name (ex: Michael, Mike), and search with and without quotation marks (ex: Michelle Lampinen and "Michelle Lampinen").
  2. Go to alerts.google.com and set up Google alerts for your student's name. Again, you can use different variations, as well as his/her name with and without quotation marks.  
  3. Go to facebook.com and search for your student's name. If his/her name is common, try adding New Jersey or NJ to the search. If you don't have an account, sign up! 
    1. **note: even if you are FB friends with your student, it is extremely easy for him/her to limit what you can and cannot see. 
  4. Take a look at some of the ways we use Facebook for educational purposes. Feel free to "like" the pages! (I will warn you that I post a lot!)
    1. BTHS official page
    2. Ms. Lampinen's class page
      1. Ms. Lampinen's blog post about the educational uses for a class FB page 
    3. Mrs. Faust's class page
    4. Mr. Fusco's class page


For further reading:

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A Biotech grad's blog (he's proactively creating a professional digital footprint)


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