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Choice 1: Students Suspended for Tweets


Article: Tweets about Teachers Get 9 Brampton Students Suspended

Source: CBS News Toronto 


Nine students were suspended from school after tweeting inappropriate comments about their teachers. The students feel that the school is taking away their freedom by punishing them for their tweets. 


Reading task: Read Tweets about Teachers Get 9 Brampton Students Suspended.

Writing task: Do you feel that the school board was too harsh in their punishments for these students? Did the students deserve to get suspended for tweets they wrote on their own time? Write a one- to two-paragraph blog post that discusses your answer. Remember to use the author's name and article's title in your response. Make the title of the article into a hyperlink so your audience will be able to read your source text.


Choice 2: Mrs. Gross and Mr. Olsen's New York Times Prompts


Select one of the three prompts from this page and respond to the prompt provided.

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